Breakfast Of Champions: Cold Cereals – Turning Into Gambling

There is no catechism that algid cereals revolutionized the American breakfast table. No best did mom accept to baker hot cereal, eggs or meat, and kids could apart adapt something for themselves afore branch off to school. At the about-face of the twentieth century, the conception of algid atom basically began with two active men who saw the possibilities and took a gamble. And breakfast has never been the same.

In the backward 1890s, a rather aberrant man alleged John Harvey Kellogg, ran a bloom bedlam in Battle Creek, Michigan, and had created a bland, tasteless aliment for his patients with digestive issues. A few years later, his brother Will absitively to mass-market the new aliment at his new company, Battle Creek Toasted Blah Flake Company, abacus a bit of amoroso to the flakes compound authoritative it added acceptable for the masses, and a brilliant was born.

Around the aforementioned time, C. W. Post, who had been a accommodating at Kellogg’s sanitarium, alien an another to coffee alleged Postum, followed by Grape-Nuts (which accept annihilation to do with either grapes or nuts) and his adaptation of Kellogg’s blah flakes, allotment them Post Toasties, and America’s breakfasts were never the same.

Both men could acknowledge an active admirer by the name of Sylvester Graham, who forty years beforehand had experimented with graham flour, business it to aid “digestive problems.” He created a breakfast atom that was broiled and torn into shapes so harder they bare to be blood-soaked in milk overnight, which he alleged granula (the ancestor of granola and graham crackers).

Capitalizing on that aboriginal idea, in 1898 the National Biscuit Aggregation (Nabisco) began bearing graham absurd based on the abstracts of Sylvester Graham, aboriginal announcement them as a “digestive” cracker for humans with abdomen problems; (Seems a lot of humans had digestive problems even aback then.)

Fast advanced and added companies were sitting up and demography notice. The Quaker Oats Company, acquired a adjustment which affected rice grains to backfire and began business Puffed Rice and Puffed Wheat, calling them a curiosity of aliment science which was “the aboriginal aliment attempt from guns” (oh boy, would they appear beneath blaze for that one today, no pun intended);

1920s Wheaties was alien and cleverly targeted athletes as they proclaimed to be the “Breakfast of Champions;”

The 1930s saw The Ralston Purina aggregation acquaint an aboriginal adaptation of Wheat Chex, calling it Shredded Ralston (sounds a little painful);

Soon Cheerios appeared and would become the acknowledged atom in America, account about $1 billion in sales in 2015.

No one can altercation the accessibility and versatility of dry packaged cereal. In the endure fifty years, this multi-billion dollar industry has spun off assorted uses, absolute possibilities and targeted kids with able packaging, abandoned names, flavors, colors and choices (all loaded with amoroso of course). What could be added American than blah flakes?


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